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Inside wall panels


  • Fiberstone fibre is applied as a glued indoor wall decoration on new or old surfaces.
  • Fiberstone fibre is thin (7 mm), light (18 kg/m2), easy to fit and available in large formats.
  • Fiberstone fibre is used in entrance halls (lobbies), corridors, meeting rooms, washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. .

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Hôtel Meurice


  • In accordance with Fiberstone fibre specifications – Glued indoor wall-mounting – January 2000 Edition. The panels may be used in all damp environments except for EC-classified rooms requiring cleaning with high pressure water jets.
  • Surface and surface preparation
    • New or renovated surfaces: Concrete, cement coatings, plaster coatings with hardness >= 60 shore, plasterboard (water resistant and non water resistant), gypsum blocks (water resistant and non water resistant), cellular concrete blocks, in accordance with CPT – CSTB document 3265 – delivery 413 – October 2000.
    • Flatness tolerance: 5 mm under 2 metre rule, 2 mm under 0.20 m rule, take-up up to 10 mm.
    • Surfaces must be mechanically stable, free of dust, with no non-adhesive sections. The surface must not sweat damp. Cracks must be treated before fitting
  • Old surfaces and other surfaces should be treated in accordance with current specifications.
    • Glues, sealants and pointing products
    • CEGECOL white CARROFLEX – thick high-bond mortar Class C2S, double application with special Fiberstone spreader.
    • Depending on the type of surface and the maximum exposure to water, CEGEPRIM AN or RN primer and CEGECOL CARROSEC 2 water protection system may be applied.
    • Average consumption of CARROFLEX : 6 to 7 kg/m2.
    • Wait for the high-bond mortar to dry for the stipulated time before pointing with CEGECOL CARROJOINT 50 with Rad additives.
    • Minimum joints 1 mm, and 2 mm for parts exposed to water.
    • In rooms rated EB+ or EC, minimum joints 3 mm, filled with CEGECOL EPOFIX CJ mortar.
    • Allow expansion joints and create vertical fragmentation joints every 10 metres.
  • For cutting, recessing and drilling on site:
    • Work with the panels placed flat on a bench, stone side up, and use cutting foam. Water-cooled diamond tools should be used in accordance with standard stonemasonry practice.
    • Polyethylene film should be used to protect panels after fitting; sharp angles should be protected with isorel angle sections.


  • George V Hotel - Paris -France
  • Meurice Hotel - Paris - France
  • American Airlines headquarter - Roissy - France
  • Paribas washrooms - Marché Saint Honoré - Paris
  • Gramont 4 Septembre washrooms - Paris
  • SOPREMA headquarters - Kingersheim
  • 120 Fleet Street - London
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