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Inside glued floor


  • Fiberstone fibre panels can be glued to floors, including stairs and landings, on new surfaces or for renovation.
  • Fiberstone fibre is thin (7 mm), light (18 kg/m2), easy to fit and available in large formats (600 x 600 and 600 x 900 mm).

Conventional stone fitting techniques can be used, including matching, straight or diagonal fitting, decorative strips, friezes, mats, incorporation of decorative shells

Typical description

Suitable product(s)

Crédit Lyonnais (Nice)


In accordance with Fiberstone fibre specifications – Glued indoor floor fitting - July 1998 edition.

Surfaces and surface preparation :

  • 1.1. New surfaces
    • slab-on-ground, with or without cement coating,
    • structural poured concrete slab,
    • added skin slab,
    • adhesive coating,
    • skin coating,
    • heated floors.
  • 1.2. Old surfaces
    • old tiles or stone floors
    • old thermoplastic slabs
    • old traces of glue
    • old paintwork.
  • 1.3. Preparation of surface in accordance with specifications
    • Flatness tolerance: 5 mm under 2 metre rule, 2 mm under 0.20 m rule, take-up up to 10 mm.
    • Surfaces must be free of dust, grease, deposits, (paint, plaster, laitance) and non-adhesive sections
    • Surface must not sweat damp.
    • Cracks must be treated before fitting.
    • Old surfaces and other surfaces should be treated in accordance with current specifications.

Glues and pointing products :

  • CEGECOL HPA or HPR system, double application with 15 x 20 x 8 mm half-moon spreader for slabs larger than 900 cm2 – average consumption 8 kg/m2.
  • Wait for the high-bond mortar to dry for the stipulated time before pointing with CEGECOL CARROJOINT 50 with Rad Additives.
  • Joints minimum 1 mm and up to 3 mm depending on surfaces and slab dimensions.
  • Allow for fragmentation joints, edge joints and masonry shrinkage joints.

Cutting, recessing and drilling on site :

  • Work with the panels placed flat on a bench, stone side up, and use cutting foam. Water-cooled diamond tools should be used in accordance with standard stonemasonry practice recommendations.
  • Apply polyethylene film and soft Isorel protection, and wait before walking on the floor, in accordance with CEGECOL specifications

Sizes above 0,54 m2:

  • Very large sizes are possible with Fiberstone hc (9, 20, or 25 mm) and subject to survey office approval


  • Musée du Louvre - Paris
  • ELF tower - Paris
  • "Le Daubigny" building - Lyon Part-Dieu
  • UAP Life Insurance building - Lyon
  • Crédit Lyonnais Bank - Nice
  • "Le Progrès" newspaper building - Lyon
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