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Fiberstone technologies are decorative concepts which allow stone to be used in technical conditions, applications and formats not possible with conventional stone panels (2 or 3 cm thick).

Fiberstone glass:

The principle is to make marble and onyx panels extremely translucent and play with natural or artificial lighting to achieve visual effects and highlight the veining.

This technique offers several complementary advantages:

  • Particularly luminous and decorative facades, partitions, floors or furniture.
  • Sun screens or sunlight-filtering walls which diffuse soft, warm light.
  • The mechanical resistance of glass can be used to support 3 to 5 mm marble and provide insulating properties (double glazing).

Architects, decorators and owners can ensure that their buildings really stand out by including true natural glazing.

Fiberstone fibre and Fiberstone nida:

These two techniques, which complement traditional stone, have technical and aesthetic advantages.

Large panels – Easily install whole cuts of stone which retain beautiful natural veining patterns without unsightly joints.

Light – 3 to 6 times lighter than 2 cm thick stone, these panels can be transported easily, fitted quickly, and used even on lightweight supporting structures such as plasterboard, aluminium frameworks, etc., and environments where weight is critical: lift cabins, boats, furniture, etc.

Thin – With a total thickness of 7 or 9 mm, these panels make it easy to use stone on floors and partitions.

Highly resistant – 4 to 6 times higher breakage resistance than 2 cm thick stone, these panels accept high loads, impacts and vibrations, and can be used for flexible floor surfaces, sensitive zones, on wooden-framed floors, lift cabin floors (in shops, buildings open to the public, etc.).

Ideal for earthquake risk zones – hazardous applications (sun screens).

Our technical departments can analyse your projects and constraints and determine appropriate solutions.

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